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5:00 on this wednesday morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze we have rain in the forecast this
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week that means crews will be back in a daly city neighborhood this morning. yesterday a water pipe broke and flooded several streets around lausanne avenue with water and mud. amy hollyfield is there live. >> reporter: it looks so much better out here. it is amazing. they still have work to do. this time yesterday we were standing in mud, quite an improvement this morning. they spent all day yesterday working on cleaning up this neighborhood. they were shoveling mud and hauling it out and taking it to a recycle place in brisbane. four blocks of this neighborhood were coated in mud after a pipe broke at 4:25 in the morning that released 45,000 gallons of water. it was rushing into this neighborhood it brought the hillside down with it and a lot of mud. now they are worried about the rain in the forecast later
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this week. today they will be working onshoring up this hillside park. >> the next three days we are going to be winterizing the park which means putting bales of hay out to absorb moisture, mud and debris, sandbags and everything that we can to secure the park. >> reporter: the good news is mud stayed out of people's homes. they did evacuate some homes just in case, they were worry the hillside might give questioned. engineers determined it was fine and let people back in their homes by mid day. >> that's when people started dealing with the mess in the streets and so many cars that were damaged and impacted by mud. everyone's homes were safe, they were allowed to return. they are nervous about that hillside and that park and the rains that are coming today crews will focus on trying to make people feel better.
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amy hollyfield, abc7 news. next step is trying to figure out if you should fix the broken pipe or replace it. the pipe from a 78-year-old reservoir that sits atop hillside park a section of the pipe sheared off, likely due to age. sky 7 hd captured this look, water officials had been planning to strengthen the inside of aging pipes with liners. >> most victims of this pipe break should be reimbursed for damage to their vehicles. michael finney says car owners can file with the city or their own auto insurance. consumer advocates advice people to check with the city first. officials expect san francisco's city hall to open for business as usual this morning after a small
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fire forced the building to be evacuated. firefighters used large fans to vent the smoke from city hall after an electrical fire broke out in the basement. it triggered alarms set off one sprinkler. deputies evacuated people who were attending a reception in the rotunda. terry mcsweeney will have more coming up at 5:30. fbi and cia expected to brief house members on capitol hill this morning on the widening sex scandal involving david petraeus. lawmakers have been digging through e-mails tying to determine if national security was breached during his extramarital affair with biographer paula broadwell. she sent harassing e-mails to jill kelley, a woman she saw as a romantic rival. kelley traded e-mails with general allen.
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top u.s. commander in afghanistan. katie marzullo will have the latest in the next half hour. moraga school board approved revised version of its child abuse prevention and reporting policy nearly a week after board president abruptly resigned. the contra costa times reports the district is facing claims by three former students who say mandated reporting failures contributed to their sexual abuse years ago. the new policy requires all members of a reporting team to individually report to authorities. richmond will be installing four cameras aimed at reducing crime in the 23rd street shopping area. police and community leaders are welcoming the new overhead cameras to be installed within the next two months donated by the chevron corporation a few years ago the city did not have the wiring until now. they will add to the 40
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cameras monitored by retired police officers. richmond police say it is a first for them, investigator with the motion picture association of america made a citizen's arrest in a theater of a man accused of trying to bootleg a movie it happened last saturday. the 39-year-old is accused of using a camcorder on a tri-pod to record the movie inside the theater, he will be charged with video piracy. native american historical society will take possession of bones discovered at a peninsula construction site. two skulls and other fragments were found yesterday afternoon in menlo park at a commercial site construction was halted. coroner's office determined the remains were native american who died a long time ago there is a native american burial site near that
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location. palo alto police credit house cleaner with breaking up a burglary and car theft, ending in arrest. police are holding a 20-year-old for burglary and attempted car theft. the house cleaner caught the suspect rummaging through the home monday afternoon. she called the homeowner who rushed home and found the man then trying to steal his car. police arrested morales who allegedly burglarized the same home two days earlier, without the homeowner noticing. you like warm weather? >> i do. >> you like cool weather? >> i do. >> you like rain? >> yes, when necessary. >> check that box as well. >> like kitchen sink too? >> i do. >> ice cream. >> check you can make your own if you go to the sierra, good morning, here's a look at live
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doppler waiting for the next storm, ahead of it clouds rolling in keeping things mild, most of us in the 40s and 50s and will stay that way through 7:00. as we head towards noon, low to mid 60s, high clouds and sun at 4:00, we'll all be flirting with 70, upper 50s to near 60 by 7:00 with more high clouds and sun. if you look late into the afternoon, when the sun hits the perfect angle, yesterday it was 3:30, you may be age to see sun dogs where it looks like a rainbow or -- ball of fire on either side of the sun you may be able to see that today. if you get a picture send it to us. thicker clouds tomorrow, evening showers, still mild, mid 60s to 70 for highs tomorrow, low to mid 60s another wave of showers from the system, rain likely ahead of our next system coming down
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from alaska, saturday's temperatures continue to taper, cooler sunday, monday that complete wet forecast in a few minutes. first the morning commute. good morning. nice commute so far, earlier stall bay bridge s-curve cleared, golden gate bridge light traffic, northbound earlier roadwork, were you down to one lane that has been picked up, right now configured three and three crews will get your fourth lane southbound for your morning commute, nice traffic east shore freeway past university avenue into berkeley and emeryville no delays there at the metering lights remain off at bay bridge eastbound 4 loveridge shutdown until 5:30 detour back on the freeway using the on-ramp. otherwise roadwork south 101 waldo grade two right lanes blocked top of the grade heading towards the golden gate bridge.
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5:10. next, bay area drivers have a new cleaner alternative to filling up their tanks. >> first this morning's america's money report. >> good morning. another economic controversy federal budget deficit last month was 120 billion dollars, 22% more than a year ago that would be an annual deficit of more than a trillion dollars for the fifth straight year. toyota recalling almost three million cars worldwide because of steering and water pump problems it covers more than a dozen models, including the prius, a million sold in the u.s.. us airways presented detailed merger plan to -- america's creditors. mark your calendars best days to shop, monday, tuesday,
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wednesday after turkey day,
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welcome back. 5:14. beautiful picture from our roof cam as we look south and east of the ferry building. the ferry building is blue because today is world diabetes day and san francisco with many cities around the
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world will be celebrating the world diabetes day to raise awareness about die kai. -- about diabetes. activities include -- [ inaudible ] up to 800 million shares of facebook stock could hit the market today. the biggest block of facebook stock freed from restriction since the public offering last may no telling how many shares might be sold analysts warned an influx could cause the price to fall further when smaller lock-ups expired. initial price of $38 a share plunged to less than half that over the summer closed yesterday at $19.80 sick. two peninsula companies --
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teaming up, putting an alternative fuel on the market made from algae. the company came up with the concussion said it produces 30% fewer particulates and 20% less carbon dioxide. the fuel is at four locations in the bay area with more in the works. >> a challenge, a lot of obstacles to overcome to get new fuels like this on the street we feel that we've established a great lead and showing customers the way this can be done right. >> at $4.23, it cost the same as regular diesel, the company expects the price to cost the same as gasoline as it ramps up production. the price of gasoline has tan a dramatic new plunge. aaa's monthly shows california prices have fallen 76 cents in the past month. regular in san francisco $3 boy 95.
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-- $3.95: in san jose $3.80, 80 cent drop from a month ago. skiers and snowboarders can start hitting the slopes at heavenly and north star, starting today, beginning a week earlier thanks to cold temperatures for snow making and last week's stormy weather not all runs will be open, but enough for tahoe visitors to get an early taste of winter while we get a late taste of summer. [ unintelligible ] get up there early more snow is on the way, more rain. good morning. coming up on 5:17. 87 san jose, looks clear, high clouds definitely no rain
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falling now. still seeing more clouds than anything else, no rain is falling from these clouds high level clouds made of ice crystals this time of the year not going to drop anything on us. you will still need sunglasses, during the afternoon. temperatures as you step out now, low to mid 40s around napa, fairfield, santa rosa, redwood city, san jose, los gatos, livermore, upper 40s to low 50s everywhere else, half moon bay 59°. monterey bay mid to upper 40s, gilroy 55 inland to salinas. high clouds, warmest afternoon is today. more clouds still mild during the overnight, unsettled weather tomorrow evening hangs around through monday, we get hit by two storms from two areas. one cold, one mild.
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here's a look at today's temperatures much warmer than average two degrees at napa, livermore five, san francisco six, redwood city seven oakland eight degrees warmer than average, 70° this afternoon. a lot of low 70s around, mid to upper 60s, san rafael, richmond, napa, vallejo and antioch. everybody in the low to mid 70s around the bay and inland. tonight high clouds, modifying air mass 40s inland, a few 40s around the bay shore low to mid 50s out into the beaches. high pressure dominating, slide over to the west and take a look at this low developing well offshore shore bringing high clouds today, increase in high clouds tomorrow, looks like our best chance for wet weather comes in thursday night into friday morning. friday morning the commute is
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going to be wet, friday evening looks like waves of showers be prepared for more wet weather, especially in the outdoor activities like high school football playoffs. temperatures drop a little friday, a little more with the next system sunday into monday. be prepared for wet weather tomorrow through monday good morning. happy wednesday to everyone if you are heading out now this is a live look at the san mateo bridge a little busier tail lights towards the highrise leaving the toll, traffic on the highrise good towards foster city, no delays, happy to report drive time looking good if you are leaving antioch, compared to yesterday when we had a nasty accident at somersville clear there a little bunching up as you leave antioch towards pittsburg 20 minutes towards concord on 242. storm valley good, 15 minutes from the altamont pass towards 680, no delays out of tracy,
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no delays with mass transit, all mass transit on time and on schedule. ramp closure south bay 880 southbound off-ramp to the alameda, northbound on-ramp to the alameda from 880 closed, chp getting repair on water pump should last most of the day they hope to have them reopened by this afternoon. 5:20. a meeting that could decide the fate of cal's embattled football coach as the bears get ready to conclude another disappointing season. >> two more couples hang up their dancing shoes. results from last night's "dancing with the stars." .
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sutro tower looking down on clear sky high clouds mild temperatures await you 40s and 50s rain on the way for tomorrow may last all weekend. cal football head coach is scheduled to meet with
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athletic director sunday to talk about his future. the bears are 3 and 8 and finished a dismal season saturday night. he will sit down to talk about the future and whether there is one for him in berkeley after 11 seasons. a lot of cal boosters want a change but it would come at a price the buy-out is nearly seven million dollars. "dancing with the stars" double elimination. the show delivered painful one-two punch last night. >> kirstie and max. >> reporter: they became the 7th all-star team cut. along the way, they sure had a blast. >> if you don't laugh around her, you have zero sense of humor and probably not alive. >> reporter: their scores never got better than one from the bottom their fans kept them here for eight weeks. >> i honestly thought we would
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be voted off every show our fans are insanely amazing. thank you for staying up night, voting for us every week. >> reporter: she doesn't get the trophy. i decided to give her a consolation prize, just because. >> i'm excited. oh my god! look how beautiful! that's me in another life. >> reporter: the second elimination came minutes later. >> giles and peta. >> reporter: they came one elimination away from next week's semifinals. >> he's so good and such a hard worker, it is not fair. you should be there in the finals. >> yeah, well, this is life, right. >> reporter: right. he said he would be teaching his young daughter it is okay to lose. besides, he won a friend. >> i'm taking away peta in my heart, in my life, i met someone no words
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>> reporter: she had a few words about giles through a few tears. >> he's amazing he thought me life lessons, friends for life. >> a tough double elimination, another tough double elimination next week. >> you can hear more from the booted couples coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. new floats will join your favorites in next week's macy's thanksgiving parade in new york city. preschool favorite will make her debut the teenaged mutant ninja turtles return probably with a different look. all the floats, including this new one from dominoes sugar being prepared across the hudson at a warehouse in new jersey. next, explosions and fire at san francisco city hall
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forces evacuations. how it might affect business today. possible break for police in identifying suspects who kidnapped a woman and forced her to withdraw money from her bank account. danville, san ramon valley, 41°, high clouds, 70 throughout the afternoon, stars and high clouds 56 by 7:00./ç north up to petaluma temperatures today mild with high clouds and sun, 40 this morning, mid to upper 60s during the afternoon. down the peninsula keep going, there we go, redwood city, 47° at 7:00, hanging out at near
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good wednesday morning it is 5:30 i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. first a look at the weather forecast. today is going to be the last gasp of summer. >> milder this morning, good morning, live doppler no radar returns, definitely a lot of high cloudiness that's why we are not dealing with frost, mainly in the 40s and 50s now. into the afternoon we'll keep high clouds and the sunshine around temperatures above average from the mid 60s to low 70's at the coast, mid 60s to mid 70s around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s inland. let's get a check of your traffic with sue. good morning. san jose if your drive takes you from 87 past the hp pavillion, light, just a few headlights, nice morning to be driving at this hour, if you
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have to be up at least traffic is light, northbound 680, chp called to help with construction in the high occupancy toll lane that should be picked up quickly. drive times altamont pass good, 580 westbound towards 680, highway 4 out of antioch beginning to slow things picks up towards 242, east shore freeway from the carquinez to the maze less than 20 minutes. san francisco city hall will operate as usual this morning despite explosions and fire that forced evacuations. terry mcsweeney is live at city hall. what is the damage? >> reporter: the damage right now is being repaired and assessed in the basement of city hall, there are restoration crews cleaning out the water that came on when the sprinkler system cut loose. right now in front of city hall, a couple pg&e trucks, official word is their work is done, obviously the -- the
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crews still here, city hall is running on generator power at this time. last night about 9:30 firefighters were called after an electrical explosion in the basement. that prompted -- that lead to a fire that triggered the sprinkler system which lead to an inch of water in the basement, being dealt with now. there was a party inside city hall, the people were escorted out by deputies. i was told by someone it was calm and orderly. firefighters talked about it last night with >> we had an electrical explosion into the -- in the basement in the electrical room, pg&e just arrived, minimal smoke throughout the building. high voltage area, so we can't get anybody inside until we get the power cut off. >> crews will be out in daly city this morning to --.
5:33 am
that's -- crews will be out in daly city to shore up the hillside where a pipe ruptured and sent 45,000 gallons of water and mud on to the streets below. the area will be covered to absorb moisture and prevent mud from sliding down the hill crews worked all day yesterday cleaning up the mess around lausanne avenue and four other blocks. we give a live report from the scene from amy hollyfield coming up in the next half hour. in santa clara county, all lanes open again after a big rig spilled its load on highway 101. it happened on southbound 101 in san martin at the east san martin avenue exit. chp says big rig carrying full load of dirt overturned before midnight creating a big mess forcing several lanes to be closed. it took crews several hours to cleanup in time for this
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morning's commute >> police hope you might recognize suspected kidnapper caught on camera. detectives supplied these images they say this man is one of kidnappers who abducted a woman who works for pg&e at the shadelands business center last week. the woman says they tied her up, blindfolded her and drove her to two atm's. the crime appears random, pg&e is not taking chances. >> we've had security available to our employees to provide escorts to their vehicles. we had a big standdown to let them know what happened and what they need to do to keep them says safe. >> the kidnappers drove her around for several hours and left her near the caldecott tunnel in oakland. she untied herself and got help from a neighbor. 5:34 this morning the man accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar is facing new charges in unrelated cases.
5:35 am
antolin garcia-torres will be charged with three counts of attempted kidnapping during a carjacking in connection with three crimes in march of 2009 when he was 17. investigators linked him to the crimes while investigating the lamar case. the santa clara county d.a.'s office received clearance from juvenile court last week to file these new charges. anti-virus software pioneer john mcafee says he's drasticallyly altered his appearance while on the -- run in belize wanted as a person of interest for the murder of his neighbor. mcafee took off sunday when police found the neighbor dead. the neighbor complained to the town council about mcafee's dogs, last week four of the dogs were killed. this morning president obama will hold his first news conference in months. his agenda is likely to be
5:36 am
overshadowed by the sex scandal involving david petraeus and a top general. >> reporter: the white house has already said president obama stands behind general allen and still has faith in him. allen's e-mails with jill kelley are being investigated by the fbi this morning we expect to hear more in the president's own words. general petraeus' fair with paula broadwell could be the bigger issue this is her, first time we've seen her since the scandal broke. this morning the fbi and cia are expected to brief members of the house on what they know about the affair. lawmakers want to know if national security was ever threatened. petraeus' sudden resignation an has some senators wondering what will happen to his testimony about what went wrong in ben gassy that lead to the -- wrong in benghazi the attack that led to the death of ambassador-? stevens.
5:37 am
learning more about jill kelley hose numerous -- whose numerous are -- general allen has denied that he had affair with kelley. katie marzullo, abc7 news. president obama's first news conference since the election is scheduled for this morning at 10:30 our time we'll carry it live here on abc7. another conference we are watching decision day for nancy pelosi, she will announce at 7:00 this morning our time, whether she will continue as house minority leader. some insiders believe it will be easier for president obama
5:38 am
to negotiate with republicans if the 72-year-old congresswoman is out of the picture. 5:38. did you like the weather yesterday? >> yeah, i thought i was nice. >> if you define nice as warm, we'll turn it up a notch more. >> let's find out from mike what it is going to be like. good morning. cloud cover out there on live doppler, no radar returns, little fog developing still around santa rosa, rest of us are fine this morning. as far as temperatures, still in the 40s and 50s with half moon bay down to 57, 54 in san francisco, 56 in oakland, 45 in san jose one of the cooler spots close to 30s fairfield, 40° right now, 41 napa and santa rosa, high clouds and sun just like yesterday, temperatures above average from the 40s and 50s at 7:00 low to mid 50s
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lunchtime upper 60s to low 70s 4:00 upper 50s to low 60s light jacket weather during the evening hours. next three days things change. evening showers on the way tomorrow, another wave of showers friday temperatures remain mild as the system comes from the pacific from the west over the ocean rain going to start heading our way saturday, cooler, more rain sunday and monday. first traffic. good morning. commuters with a live shot of 80 east shore freeway past golden gate fields and university towards the macarthur haze getting busier still moving with no -- major problems good news, light traffic coming into the bay bridge toll, no metering lights, minor delay if you are paying cash right now no problems upper deck through treasure island into san francisco. our waze app you are looking at 580 over the central valley,
5:40 am
moderate slow as you leave tracy towards the altamont pass, a little farther north, highway 4 starting to jam out of antioch as you can see heavy towards 242 and concord area. free appear -- we have this free app. 5:40. goo governor brown will meet with uc regents today, the affect it may have on fees. when is one opinion not enough? when you are injured
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♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories.
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...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >> >> welcome back. high clouds and mild temperatures this morning today is the warmest day in the forecast 40s and 50s. [ inaudible ] former vice presidential candidate paul ryan says he was shocked at how the presidential election played out. he talked about pit in an interview he says -- he talked about it in an interview. he says the president won fair
5:44 am
and square. he was surprised he lost. >> polling and data and all the smart people who watch this stuff they had an optimistic view on the night. going into boss ten that day we felt like we had a -- -- boston that day we felt like we had a good chance at winning. >> ryan says he does not support raising taxes under any circumstance. the good thing he said about losing was the opportunity to spend time with his family this past week. governor brown plans to make his first appearance this morning at a regents meeting in san francisco to urge officials to control cost and avoid another hike for student fees. the governor visited cal-state board meeting yesterday and that panel decided to postpone a fee increase. brown says both systems must keep a lid on costs a week after voters approved prop 30
5:45 am
which raises tacks to fund education. supermarket workers -- return to their jobs after ending a 10 day strike against raley's and nob hill foods tentative deal was struck yesterday. a spokesman called it a resounding victory for supermarket workers the chain says the contract provided with it savings it needed to stay competitive. another hire event job fair today in san francisco at the hotel wickham on market from noon until 4:00 we have details at under see it on tv. next, starbucks rolls out plans for new drive-thru service. commercial crab season begins just in time for thanksgiving. we'll tell you what you can expect to pay as you put on your bib this morning. another step towards a new waterfront arena for the
5:46 am
warriors. preview of mayor lee's announcement, later today.
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>> >> welcome back. temperatures well above average even to the coast 70s there, mid 60s san rafael, richmond, napa, vallejo and antioch upper 60s i am quiet
5:49 am
across the entire state as we look at doppler, a few showers north going to dry quickly sunshine and high clouds everywhere 53 tahoe, upper 60s to slowties through the central valley. 71 -- san diego near 80 l.a. and palm springs. the golden state warriors will sign a deal with mayor lee today to follow the city's local hire lawa& if they build on the water front. the billion dollar project which still needs to be approved was unveiled in may and bring a new complex to piers 30 and 32. the law only applies to city-funded construction projects the team has agreed to follow the spirit of the law the warriors would hire san francisco residents or veterans for 25% of all construction jobs at the site. quarterback smith seeking second opinion. smith suffered a concussion sunday that forced him out of game. he met with an independent
5:50 am
neurologist monday. he has decided to seek further medical advice. he has to be medically cleared before he can play monday night. crab season opens today we should expect to shell out a little more this year than in the past. fishermen struck a victory before setting sail when wholesalers agreed to $3 a pound. last year fishermen got $-- got $2.2010 few. >> i'm sure i -- i wouldn't pay more than $7 a pound it had to be something special.0u[q >> that's good. good local price we got some of the best crab here. >> fishermen and seafood
5:51 am
wholesalers point out there are fewer crabs to be caught this year than is driving up prices. 5:51.#ú8g hi eric, welcome back. miss us eric? we are looking down from sutro tower back towards a little bit of haze, a few high clouds beautiful sunrise once again. live doppler 7 hd showing waves of high clouds in our forecast now through tomorrow no radar returns probably not any until tomorrow evening
5:52 am
when the pattern will start to shift. 40 in fairfield for the cool spot, 56 oakland, 57 half moon bay. from inland to the bay to the coast, coolest to warmers. 42 gilroy, 55 salinas. high clouds today warmest afternoon more clouds mild temperatures the next couple of nights, unsettled weather which means wet weather thursday night all the way through monday. two different storms will affect the bay area. 24 hour temperature change. everybody in the low 70s from oakland 72, one degree warmer than questioned, san jose 72, santa rosa 71 that's three, fremont biggest jump up to 72°, 6° warmer than questioned. 60s antioch, vallejo, napa,
5:53 am
richmond and san rafael. bodega bay 66. mid 70s inland. tonight 40s inland, 50s m]''ly around the bay, close around fremont, palo alto and san jose 49°. high pressure still keeping the storm track north pushing next system pull it west out far offshore sitting, spinning and developing and gathering moisture and mild temperatures. here we are tomorrow evening, clouds are very thick, a few spotty showers during the evening once we flip over to friday, showers roll in wet weather for friday's morning commute, scattered showers through the lunch hour more scattered showers through the evening hours friday. this system is mild coming from the west. temperatures will drop a little thursday and friday, not as much as the cold system coming in for saturday, sunday and monday which could have
5:54 am
thunderstorms with. have a great day. -- sausalito up and obvious the waldo grade towards the golden gate bridge good this morning four full lanes southbound, fog-free and light traffic heading to the toll, san mateo bridge getting busier to the toll towards the highrise brake lights mixing that -- making that left, 15 hayward towards foster city, eastbound looking good. westbound 4 at a street big rig and car got into it now on the shoulder typically slow out of antioch, 25 minute ride from hillcrest towards 242 in the concord area northbound 680 andreotti chp out there with roadwork in the high occupancy lane, the toll lane left lane northbound that should be there until 9:30 this morning. eastbound 24 old tunnel road
5:55 am
stalled motorcycle blocking right lane. 5:55. wall pwhart, i said wal-mart, has a new bag of goodies up its sleeve that food degrees may want to know about. >> another recall from toyota. >> good morning prius the subject of a recall, day 0 that recalling 670,000 model years 2004 to 2009 to fix steering extension shafts and electric water pump. millions of college students are closer to getting credit for taking free on lane classes. the american council of education ing a look at the pros and cons -- wal-mart launching food subscription service, it cost $7 a month, including shipping and handling. wal-mart says the price would be $15 if you purchase the items separately.
5:56 am
starbucks getting into the drive-thru business and walk-up only stands to attract value and convenience driven customers getting could have i from places like dunkin donuts. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. you gotta love a story like this "star wars" birthday party seems special one takes the cake. a den of kansas wanted to dress up as luke -- luke skywalker for his birthday thinking his cousin was in the suit. when the mask off it was daddy, his father a united states navy reservist home months before he was due back. aidan and his sister rushed to hug dad everybody was happy. race against time in daly city rush to cleanup a
5:57 am
neighborhood after a wall of mud came cascading didn't a hillside. >> overnight toyota makes another recall an onment, affecting more than half a million -- over -- half a million prius hybrids. >> new lawsuit now
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